Elegant Japanese modern design that combines tradition and innovation.

"tobi" is inspired by Japanese steeplejacks("tobi"s) who have a clear temperament, demeanor, and appearance. Therefore, "tobi" design creates the best space for the new Tokyo lifestyle, while incorporating "Japanese" elements. This Japanese-style furniture is completed by the latest techniques to achieve the curves reminiscent of the Taiko-bashi Bridge in Edo Nihonbashi, and the unique and atmospheric flavor created by Edo faceting and traditional braiding techniques.

Structural beauty of delicate forms.

Furniture that creates a space for entertaining loved ones must not only be usable, but also beautiful. Therefore, "tobi" furniture is designed to pursue "beauty" in every aspect, including form, materials, and structure, without compromise. Like a work of art, it creates a "structural beauty" with a sense of tension, even though it is a piece of furniture, and just by placing it in a space, the atmosphere of the space is enhanced.


Quality control by skilled craftsmen.

"tobi" furniture is made by skilled craftsmen who have inherited the techniques of "Shiba Furniture" and carry out the entire process from material procurement to manufacturing and inspection in our workshop. By paying particular attention to materials, processing with state-of-the-art machinery, finishing by hand, and meticulous and discerning management of all processes, including pre-delivery inspections, our production system is capable to deliver furniture of the highest quality to our customers.

Quality assurance based on strict proprietary standards.

We have established our own quality standards and offer only high-quality furniture that meets those standards. Various checks and inspections are conducted to guarantee safety and durability to be used over the long term.


Beautiful, strong and rare materials

In order to achieve a product that combines beauty, strength, and durability, "tobi" furniture is made of carefully selected premium materials, including the following materials. Most of the wood we use is difficult to process because of its heavyweight and strength, but it is a wonderful material that allows us to achieve beautiful surfaces while providing excellent durability.

  • Ovangkol

    Very tough wood with a heavy blackish stripe pattern. This material is strong and resistant to bending, and can be used in any space, whether the interior is decorated in dark or white tones.

  • White ash

    Hard, tough, strong, and impact-resistant wood that combines the characteristics of hardness and elasticity. It is characterized by its clear and beautiful grain and fits well with a Japanese atmosphere, and can be beautifully finished by staining or glazing.

  • Ebony

    Extra-heavy and hard wood, and is a rare luxury wood with a beautiful black appearance and high durability, so much so that it is hard to believe it is wood. Its smooth and oily surface gives it a very beautiful luster when polished.

  • Semi-aniline leather

    Leather which is dyed with a water-soluble synthetic dye, aniline, and then pigmented on the surface of the leather and given a protective treatment. It is a middle ground between aniline finish, which brings out the original texture and feel of leather, and pigmented finish, which is highly durable and resistant to stains and scratches. This finishing method makes it both beautiful and easy to use as a high-grade leather.